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Forest Health

Our Forest Stewardship Program is a voluntary, free, no obligation program offered to private, non-industrial forest landowners of any acreage in Pacific County.

The Carbon Capture Foundation provides trees for landowners these trees are meant to provide habitat for wildlife, restore vegetation, or help reduce streambank erosion. If you are interested, fill out the form below or contact our staff for more information!

Pacific Conservation District is happy to be able to offer a wide range of forestry assistance to our county landowners.

Technical Assistance

A local conservation district service forester will be happy to assist you with your project plan and answer your questions.

Tree Farm Certification

Tree Farm Inspectors are available to assist and give information regarding certification and management.

Forestry Education

Interested in forestry? We can provide resources and educational materials.

At your request, a local conservation district forester will:

– Make an in-person visit to your site.
– Work with you to create a personalized stewardship plan tailored to your goals and objectives, including written management recommendations, and maps.
– Provide information on and assistance with available cost-sharing programs.